May 2017

Hello Riverboat Marina Tenants,

Summer is just around the corner and we are ready! We have made a lot of progress on recovering from damages caused by the past winter’s storms. Additionally, we have been continuing on with much needed improvements such as new lattice throughout the marina, rerouting major electrical feed lines, ramp replacement and repairs, and the ongoing repairs to the decks and docks throughout the marina. The Marina entrance is being repaved and as soon as we can, we will be repaving the other paved surfaces. Our goal is that you enjoy a clean, friendly, and safe marina that is surrounded by nature’s wonderful gifts unique to our part of the Delta.

Parks and Rec will be treating the Egeria densa in the water around the marina. This has been a problem for us and we are hopeful that the treatment will help. We have also had the Fight the Bite folks from Sac County spray a few times but the mosquitoes are still plentiful so don’t forget to carry your protection of choice. We hear eucalyptus lotion or oil works wonders.

What has Ken been up to? Well, his tomato and healthy green veggie project is being discovered. Across the street he can be seen hoeing weeds around over 1000 of his plants growing in the Delta’s peat-rich soil. Particularly on weekends, he’ll hear words coming through the trees along the paved road. Some will say “Hey, he’s there again” or “Keep up the good work, Ken”. If you chat with Ken about his project, you might just hear the following:

  1. Native Americans often lived to be over 100 years old; only 2% died from cancer; and the reasons given involved what they ate and their overall activity;
  2. Over a year’s time Native Americans would eat over 200 naturally growing plants, seeds and fruits;
  3. Pharmaceutical companies took on the challenge of trying to figure out what was in the natural vegetation Native Americans ate; see if they could produce in a lab a comparable drug; and then, of course, sell such drugs to us
  4. At the Market, we will have plenty of this healthy produce available as it is ready along with recipes on how to best prepare these natural and organically grown goodies.

And there is so much more to say! A special “Thank you” to those who have stopped to lend a hand, particularly Monica who has spent many hours helping Ken in the garden.

JRiverboat MarinaP’s popular Friday afternoon Wine Tasting for Riverboat Tenants is stepping up this summer. JP will now be sharing local Delta Wines AND local Craft Beer as well as some grilled “lite bites”. Starting Friday May 5 through September, stop by the Wheelhouse on Friday from 4p to 6p to share some laughs and good company. Great stop before enjoying dinner and fun at Moore’s!

Here is to a Great Summer 2017!

Ken and Laura