Business Affiliates

  • Moore’s Riverboat Restaurant
    • Moore’s Riverboat is a floating restaurant located in the California Delta, on the Delta Loop Recreation Area. Moore’s is THE place to enjoy a great meal while overlooking the scenic river.  Are you ready for some fun? Come join us for great food, good company, fantastic music, and more!
  • Delta Boat Works
    • This business was established 0ver 50 years ago and it provides quality service at affordable prices.  It began operations back when wood boats were the ones everyone had and has gradually been transformed into working principally on glass boats.  Boatwrights with considerable experience in all facets of boat repair work here and most have over 20 years of experience.  Kelvin Jackson, Boat Works Manager, is currently seeking other boatwrights for employment because of increasing demand on boat yard services.
  • Rubicon Yachts
    • We are a full service brokerage with the knowledge, experience, tools and worldwide connections to help buyers find the perfect yacht at the best value or to help sellers price, prepare, and sell their vessel in a timely fashion and maximize their return. We service the entire US and the world in addition to the West Coast. Rubicon Yachts works with buyers to find the yacht of their dreams and we have the networks in place to complete the due diligence process and deliver your new yacht anywhere in the world.
  • Custom Marine
    • Jesse Ungerer specializes in boat canvas, upholstery and carpets.  He has a strong background in engineering and he finishes quality work no matter how difficult the task.
  • Discover The Delta Foundation Membership Office
    • Joe Cecchini, founder of Westmar Insurance Services, has recently opened an office for the Discover the Delta Foundation (DTDF) Membership Sales.  He has assumed the challenge of selling memberships to anyone wishing to invest and support the overall mission of the nonprofit organization.  Here one can learn about what a DTDF Membership Card can do for each of us and what such a card can mean for you as you discover hundreds of Delta area businesses.  There is a certain pride that comes from being part of a Delta team that is focusing on telling the Delta story that kids of all ages need to know.

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  • Address:  106 W. Brannan Island Rd, Isleton, CA  95641

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